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No one ever looks forward to Mondays. The tinge of post-weekend depression mixed with looming meetings and emails make Monday as appealing as a thumbtack toilet seat. In my case, the one thing I do look forward to (and the only thing between my body and the nearest horizontal surface) is a very large coffee in my favorite cup.

On this particularly dreary Monday, I was instagramming my cute coffee mug and thinking to myself how many mornings were owed to my trusty office companion. Mid-post, while thinking of a fitting hashtag, #muglymonday was born. I mean, there were already 17 other cups of coffee on my feed this morning, so I might as well be the first to slap a name on it and make it a “thing,” right? Dreams of a wildly successful hashtag filled my mind, and all of a sudden, I was bouncing around my office making my colleagues take a photo of their favorite cup. Here’s SpyTeam member Laura (the only camera-ready person today) with her Monday mug:




Do you have a favorite coffee or tea mug? Does it help you go from raging, sleepy bull to sweet, smiling lamb in time for your first Monday meeting? Sound off in the comments below or hashtag #muglymonday via Instagram or Twitter! We’ll post mugs from across the globe every Monday. And who knows? It could become the next cats wearing tights.

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