Who knew? Life’s biggest inspirations for future-shaping ideas … wait for it … cartoons and TV shows.

Posted 12.11.13 by admin

The other day, an article caught my attention. It revealed 13 ideas from a cartoon called The Jetsons. Mind you, this was a futuristic cartoon that aired in 1962 and we still haven’t caught up to it yet. I mean, who hasn’t heard someone complaining that they still don’t have a flying car? But if they looked a little closer, the Jetsons are shaping our future today. Case in point – Rosie the Robot and personal aircraft. The Jetson’s inspired “video conference call.” And why stop at The Jetsons?  You can enjoy Robo Cop mimicking car navigation systems, Star Trek personal tablets which look a lot like iPads. And even that crazy girlfriend-making machine in Weird Science with a little imagination and a 3D printer.

Not only did theses TV show inventors boost a memorable cache of extreme creativity, they saw the future in new ways. Imagining the future is a special talent, normally relegated to the intellectual. But more often than not, it’s the creative mind forced to invent, be humorous and meet a looming deadline. Given a deadline, a sense of humor and the desire to entertain, the sky isn’t the limit, the universe is.

If you want to wow people with new ideas, you’ve got to be Jetsons-like in your thinking. The future you’re leading customers to begins with ideas that are larger than life and five-steps beyond. Work backward from there, and you’ll likely be on to something. Solve a particular and universal human dilemma in a wonderfully-inventive, yet seemingly impossible to create way, and the world is an oyster bar. Capturing the future with humor and invention is the world’s most powerful aphrodisiac. And the most fun you can have with your pants on.

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