Top 3 ways to get your customer hat on straight.

Posted 04.10.14 by admin

Sure, Spyglass is an agency that works with global brands, but we are based in Minneapolis so it was bothersome to hear that some of Minnesota’s best-known companies saw their stocks decline in the 1st quarter. Large retailers lost value. Best Buy was down, Target dropped, Select Comfort tanked. Even Ameriprise Financial saw a dip. I know what you’re thinking. What Would Spyglass Do? We offer a gratis, broad brush of things for flailing brands to consider.

1. Hit the refresh button. Do something special. Find new reasons for customers to believe in you. Do something to reward them for paying attention to you. Give business-as-usual a kick in the backside.
2. Create some compelling content. Yes, you always need to be creating new brand content. That’s the stuff people share with their friends and family. It keeps you in the conversation. Be smart. Create something that drives people to interact with your brand. Delight your audience. Think how they think. Surprise them.
3. Act like a human being, not a brand. Look like a brand that is “on the way to a good day” and not in the way. Tap into people’s emotions and set yourself apart. Add a little positivity. Avoid insincerity at all costs. And treat flat, unemotional marketing like the plague.

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