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Taking your beater to a different ad stratosphere.

Check out this remarkably offbeat
, homemade Volvo ad made by some dude selling his car. No, really. Good place to harvest advertising buzzwords. Some real, some made up. An otherworldly, lo-fi experience. Test drive the video to see what we mean.  

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Size matters. How big is your country?

I know what you’re thinking. How many times can Italy fit inside Alaska? Well, that and many other questions can be answered here. A cool design exercise that illustrates how the world sizes up. Worth a look.

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Top 3 ways to have an endless brand summer

Hello Dude, thanks for coming. Here we are, kicking the tires on Q2 of 2014. Everyone has heard enough about winter. It was colder in Atlanta than Moscow, and that’s saying something. With the deep freeze ebbing, it’s time to roll out the proverbial brand tanning lotion and put a healthy glow on your business. Here’s how-

1. Grill yourself. 
Ask yourself what you could do to connect the dots and use spring as way to build your team. Yes, a BBQ is cool, but do it somewhere fun and have a theme. Like, “Banzai !”

2. Turn the heat up. Everyone gets a little lazy during the summer. Peeps go on autopilot. Create a reason to rally. Set some sales and marketing goals. Let people ring a bell.

3. Bring some condiments. Your team doesn’t work just for the love of the game. Set some incentives. Put some relish on the hot dog. Create a theme, make some t-shirts, and put a carrot on the stick. Tell people they can enjoy summer hours even more when they help your business accomplish a few key summer goals.

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Top 3 reasons to squeeze more C in your B-to-B

Spyglass does a lot of strategic marketing for businesses that sell exclusively to other businesses. Whether it’s health care, manufacturing, travel, or technology, one thing always holds true: companies want a more exciting story to tell that is simple, compelling and cuts to the chase. Here’s why.

1. Reward the attentive. Even if you’re selling a business-to-business service, you need to reward the prospect for giving you a nanosecond of interest. That means, being conversational, real and having a sense of humor.

2. Be sexier than you think you are. Today, every business is a retail business. Whatever you’re selling, it needs to look sexier. You have a more attractive proposition than you think. Find out why your brand is attractive, and flaunt it.

3. Act like you like yourself. If you don’t like what your business does for your customers, why should anyone else? All too often our clients say, “everyone says that.” Yeah, well, say it cooler and mean it.

Now, regroup. And watch this smashing video. B-to-B-to-C thinking.

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