Spyglass Prediction: Peace, love and happy brand new year

Posted 01.08.15 by admin

Feels like a flashback, man. Back in 1970 when Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young released Déjà vu with the track “Almost Cut My Hair”, they were talking about savoring the good mojo of the 1960s. It was the peoples’ movement. Promoting the idea that being yourself and not being ashamed about it was where it was at. Letting your long hair, or as CSNY called it, your “freak flag”, fly. Now here we are in 2015, and the rapidly emerging mantra for brands is one the sixties counterculture embraced: people power and individualism. For companies, this means being human, being yourself and keeping it real. Welcome to 2015, the Woodstock year of brand building. Where brands succeed with a healthy mix of transparency, warts-and-all honesty and acting the way real people act. Giving customers the freedom to interact with your brand in ways they prefer. Looks like it’s time to forget about keeping up with the Dow Joneses. Time to embrace what makes your brand unique. And most importantly, being creative about how you express what makes you different. We’re down with that. Peace, love … and happy brand new year.

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