Beast mode: Tim Palm panels AMA’s 3rd Annual Super Bowl Ad Review

Posted 02.05.15 by admin

Rousing ovation ensued. Spyglass had a great time at Tuesday night’s American Marketing Association event held at Olson HQ. Spyglass Creative Director, Tim Palm, shared thoughts on the best and worst of this year’s Super Bowl ads along with Olson CCO Dennis Ryan, Carmichael Lynch and Spong Senior Partner, Julie Batliner and Nerland Co. CEO and CCO, Nathan Nerland. The audience learned that spending a whopping $4 million for a 30-second spot, or $8 million for a 60-second spot is well worth the money. With 140 million viewers at stake, it catapults you into a collective consumer conversation that is well worth the cost of admission. This year’s ads were heavier than ever with messaging geared towards a female audience, who constitute roughly half of all viewers. In short, ads we loved were the Snickers Brady Bunch spot for its twist on an established formula and the Always “Like a Girl” spot for its breakthrough approach and messaging. And, although we collectively found the Nationwide Insurance “Make Safe Happen” to be a downer and the Budweiser “Lost Dog” to be short on surprises, we agreed that they likely hit their mark.

Check out this Forbes article on whether or not a Super Bowl ad is worth the investment.

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