The logic of logos: Sports, flags and the science of brand identity

Posted 05.06.15 by admin


Ah, the logo. That hypercritical brand component that gets stared at, studied, kneaded, worked, tweaked, trimmed and updated. As we tell our clients here at Spyglass, it’s not the end-all-be-all because you have to back it up by delivering on your promise with performance and a plan. But your logo is certainly worth some careful consideration. Some companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to get the job done, only to do a one-eighty on design when their customers put up a fuss. For others, the new logo is part of an evolving legend in the making. Here’s a great analysis of what motivates sports teams and countries to make the choices they do when it comes to logo design, and the key components that get stirred into the mix.

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