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SPF 50, stat! Nivea’s new beach buddy is a bright brand idea for the beach


When it comes to selling sunscreen, there’s hot competition. Most people seem to buy whatever happens to be on the shelf and has a number that corresponds closely to their fear of getting too many rays. But Nivea managed to scorch the competition with an ad campaign that’s mostly brilliant. Branding geared towards children can mean lifelong loyalty, which is why Nivea developed a beach buddy for kids that shows them the importance of blocking out the “ouch” of excessive UV exposure. An interactive toy that keeps kids busy and puts them on the Nivea bandwagon. Nice! It may even save a new generation of beach goers from an epidermal apocalypse.

Nivea also has another nice beach brand idea up their sleeve.

Photo courtesy AdWeek

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Pelican Brief? Inspired ways to capture and share fun in the sun


If you’re planning to record your next summer adventure, there’s a good chance you’re considering the GoPro. Why? Because all the cool people have one. That’s why the brand is a true bell cow when it comes to user-generated content that actually works. Of course, every brand would love droves of high-quality user-generated content. But unfortunately, it’s a tall order for most manufacturers, service providers and even retailers. Getting your power users to produce content that’s interesting and on-brand is daunting—and the results in most cases are mixed at best. But not for the world’s leading seller of onboard video cameras. Daredevil videos from extreme sports mavens and other spectacular risk takers is compelling stuff for the attention-challenged. Without a doubt, user-created content has launched the GoPro brand into the stratosphere, quickly making it the camera du jour for recording anything adventurous that you want to share. Now GoPro users have extended beyond the realm of adventure. Thinking about jumping aboard the UG train this summer? You can do it! Just remember to make it worthwhile for contributors, be sure it’s easy for everyone to share and rate across social media channels and then pay careful attention to what’s working and why.

Photo courtesy GoPro

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Got a favorite reef? Google helps you go Jacques Cousteau this June


Too busy to take a dip this summer? No problem. You’ve got options. Google didn’t settle for just being able to virtually “Street View” most of the world. They dove right in and started photographing our oceans, too, with the addition of Street View Oceans. While the name borders on the oxymoronic, the concept has come to life with beautiful results. You can choose from locations around the world and dive below the surface to get a scuba-scape view of some remarkable aquatic venues. After a long day at the beach or reading a good book on the hammock, take a few minutes to take the plunge. What with the Earth being 75% water or so, they’ve got their work cut out for them.

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