SPF 50, stat! Nivea’s new beach buddy is a bright brand idea for the beach

Posted 06.16.15 by admin


When it comes to selling sunscreen, there’s hot competition. Most people seem to buy whatever happens to be on the shelf and has a number that corresponds closely to their fear of getting too many rays. But Nivea managed to scorch the competition with an ad campaign that’s mostly brilliant. Branding geared towards children can mean lifelong loyalty, which is why Nivea developed a beach buddy for kids that shows them the importance of blocking out the “ouch” of excessive UV exposure. An interactive toy that keeps kids busy and puts them on the Nivea bandwagon. Nice! It may even save a new generation of beach goers from an epidermal apocalypse.

Nivea also has another nice beach brand idea up their sleeve.

Photo courtesy AdWeek

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