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Top 3 ways to keep your brand flying high

Summer is a good time to take a few minutes to look at your brand from 10,000 ft. Allow us to present you with a few simple ideas to ensure that your approach to customer communication is always flying high.

1. Drop the firehose News flash. Advertising costs money—especially untargeted shotgun marketing that casts a wide net. It can easily eat into your bottom line, with small results.. Set your sights on the portion of the target market you really covet and spend your dollars there, with messaging created specifically to get key influencers to act. Think who is ultimately making the decision to choose you and spend your precious dollars getting them into a room with you. Tailor your message to them, for them—and know exactly what you want them to do before you create even a single email or direct mail missive. Pinpoint your prospects.

2. Stay out of the weeds Just like boating with friends, getting in the weeds is terrible. There are just too many opportunities for the mosquitos to eat you alive. You need blue skies and open water. Always think about simplifying your offering. What do you really do? Why should anyone care? Get to the point and sharpen your delivery down to the simplest and most relatable concepts possible. Less is more. Complicated ideas always look expensive and ineffective. Cut ‘em down.

3. Don’t look like the odd duck out. Consistency is the keystone to developing a solid brand. Marketing materials and messaging that look out of place…are out of place. Lots of companies have many divisions and when they don’t match the master mantra, it leads to lost opportunities. Even the least savvy customer can spot the ugly duckling and it sends a clear message that you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Get everyone in your organization on the same page, put someone on point to keep your creative consistent and on brand. In short, keep your ducks in a row.

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Take Pride: Why brands are now firmly on the side of Pride


It seems like only yesterday we were fighting to stop an amendment that would ban gay marriage. Now, here we are in the summer of 2015 and the federal government has ruled that all states must recognize gay marriage. It’s quite a flip of the switch and hopeful change of events. All because most Americans are in favor of the idea and as a result so are the biggest brands. Aetna, Google, Nike and many more jumped on board early, because today, companies are now celebrated for thinking about something more meaningful than their bottom line. In fact, it’s the support of these brands that helped move the needle in this historic fight of equal rights. Clearly the LGBT market represents an important segment of buyers, and they also have the collective clout to thumb their nose at brands that don’t support their goals and their lifestyle. In this new brand world, the mantra is: Heed the collective clout of the people or perish. With the federal ruling on gay marriage just one day before the global celebration of pride, this year’s Pride Weekend was the biggest ever. And our own Chief Exuberance Officer, Big Orange Yeti was there to share the love, stopping by the parade to lay his large, loving hands on the masses, and to high-five the peeps. Best party ever, man.

See how brands are showing their support 

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Big data in emojis: The new brand gold mine?

The explosion of emojis is upon us. From every conceivable emotional concept to every color, creed and religion—you’ve got more options than ever. And where there’s consumer choice these days, big data experts are never far behind. Now, brands and agencies are taking the data behind this budding social language to draw conclusions and using what they find to tout the zeitgeist they’ve discovered.

Learn how here

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