It’s what’s inside that matters: A note to self for a contemplative August afternoon

Posted 08.19.15 by admin

With all this talk of mindfulness and taking advantage of the serenity of summer to explore and expand the inner soul, we would like to take you deep within—your own company. The Tao of whatever it is you do, as it were. At Spyglass, we hold true to the concept that your brand is only as good as the engagement by your own internal team. We not only stress the idea, we craft the message, define the mediums, and help many companies make it happen. After all, if your own people don’t believe it, why would anybody else?. Employee brand engagement and communications are among the most neglected elements of a company’s marketing plan. We’ve shown scores of companies how to bring everybody along for the ride. It’s more fun that way anyway. So, while people are vacationing and getting tan, rested and ready for a massive fourth-quarter push, may we provide a concise reminder of the importance of the element within so you are prepared for the next leap forward.

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