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Blowing it up? Scion introduces new inflatable pitchman

After one of your long weekend hikes this fall in and you’ve savored the sweet brisk fall air and evolving cornucopia of colors (preferably before kick-off), you may have had the chance between chores to sit back and critique the ad geniuses that bring you the game. It’s important to note that ESPN just paid four times the going rate to air NFL games. Cable companies pay a king’s ransom to ESPN—a whopping $6 monthly per subscriber. Why? Because ESPN is paying for the ratings, and cable TV is still making a killing. So it makes sense that advertisers have to up their game too, what with all this over exposure. That means the fine art of a brand’s ability to cut through the clutter to plant that one seed of brain remembrance is now at an all-time premium. But implanting a memory is harder than you think. See how Scion is playing their weird card to entertain you in the increasingly surreal world of automobile advertising.

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