In healthcare, good design is increasingly good for business

Posted 10.13.15 by admin


With patients increasingly rating what’s important in a hospital stay as the same things they look for in a good hotel—thoughtful, comfortable and inspired accommodations—it’s no surprise that healthcare is beginning to take patient-pleasing design more seriously. They need to fill beds. Referrals matter. This recent interview with architect and Prescribe Design founder Aaron Sklar is a good example of how the times are changing for healthcare design. Good design in healthcare is also producing better outcomes for patients because it reduces patient anxiety, and improves interaction with doctors and staff. With health insurers demanding pay-for-performance and using words like “value-based care” designing an outstanding patient experience has to be a part of the conversation from day one. At Spyglass we’ve done office design for years. The photo above is one award-winning example. Physical space among the most important ways to reinforce key brand attributes from the front desk to the back of the building.

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