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March madness: Surprise marketing trends for 2016


Spotting marketing trends before you launch your next big thing can give you a competitive advantage. You don’t have to bet your budget on these ideas, but they can help you position your game plan for Q2, Q3 and beyond. The CMO Club consolidated a few trends that kept popping up when they reviewed more than a handful of last year’s most prominent marketing guides.

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Paint it blacker: Darkest color ever invented is hitting the shelves


It’s called Vantablack and it’s currently the blackest substance known to humankind. It’s so dark that it absorbs 99.96 of the light that crosses its pixel path. It makes objects look almost invisible, even in broad daylight—probably the reason why stealth airplanes use it to cloak their cover. Vantablack is actually a series of microscopic vertical tubes. When light strikes it, that light becomes trapped instead of bouncing off. Now, deodorant brand Axe is using Vantablack on their Lynx brand packaging to gather some buzz. Good luck finding it on your dresser.

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Warning signs: A quick checkup for your social media strategy


Social media often seems like more of an art than a science. Not that there aren’t metrics, but the ways to gain traction—likes and shares—is a bit of a mystery. What it takes to create compelling content that’s more about your customers and their world is a tricky task for most. Check out this quick way to identify the warning signs of a lackluster social media strategy.

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