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How creative are you anyway? Take a quick test

quiz_blogOne thing we’ve discovered over the years is that, more often than not, our clients are some of the most creative people in the room. It’s no surprise. You need creative juices to develop winning products, services, apps, and compelling offers and promotions. A little logical, strategic thinking never hurts either. So, just for kicks, here is a quick, interactive test to gauge where you are on the left brain/right brain spectrum. Indulge yourself and see which hemisphere you rely on most.

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Going beyond the logo: Learn the 6 most common branding errors

brand_blogA great article and a friendly reminder from your brand experts at Spyglass about what matters most when your organization is trying to find the white space in your vertical and create separation from the competition. Though this particular article focuses on start-ups, there is plenty of wisdom for brands young and old. It’s a great example of how holistic thinking can bring a lot of bottom line value to any branding effort. We have many clients that come to us thinking that they only need a website, a logo, a tagline, an app, or a brochure to get the job done. But those are tactics—not a strategy. When we encourage our clients to step back and take the time to pinpoint what they want to accomplish, set specific sales/growth goals, clearly identify the audience and define brand voice, personality and key differentiators, they always agree that it is money and time well spent.

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