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How spooked should I be anyway? AI enters the online medical diagnosis arena

aiblogfullSo you’ve got an ache, a pain or a rash, and you look online only to discover your worst fears—and no one to talk to. Ugh. Before you know it, you’re convinced you’re dying and new symptoms have been psychosomatically activated. Self-diagnosis without context or conversation has profound pitfalls. Now, there’s a new approach likely coming to a digital device near you. The first is Baidu’s artificial intelligence doctor, Melody the Medical Assistant, a conversational chat bot trained on medical textbooks and tested with doctors and medical students in China. It shows the evolution AI has been making online and the way it’s edging into healthcare. Spyglass has had the chance to work with some of the biggest names in healthcare and several very bright start-ups and many virtual assistant apps along the way, so this was of particular interest to us.

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Frightened by content creation? Meet The World’s Most Dangerous Writing App


Now that content is king, there’s only one thing scarier than not having great stuff—creating it. So, in honor of Halloween we present to you The World’s Most Dangerous Writing App. An app that will scare the daylights out of you if you have writer’s block, but also just might put a little hellfire in your soul when you need to produce your best stream-of-consciousness thinking. It’s a motivating muse, not only for nipping procrastination in the bud, but also for providing a swift kick in the pants when you’ve got a great novel inside you that’s just dying to come out. Don’t fear the (word) reaper.

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It’s alive! Using stock photography to bring your content back from the dead


Stock photography has gone from a necessary evil to an excellent option for everything from finding killer images for content and campaigns to creating captivating composites, like the one we did here. While a photo shoot will always remain an attractive option, time and budget allowing, the days of seeing stock as an also-ran in the realm of branding and marketing are gone. The depth and quality of stock photography is ever expanding and increasingly affordable. But with that said, stock libraries are vast and there continues to be some fear and trepidation when it comes to finding the perfect shot—the one that gets people to stop, engage and read. To find the right photo you need a keen eye for composition, a clear concept, a nimble mind for search word combinations and the ability to identify a handful of other critical considerations.

So, in an effort to help you find images that will boost your content engagement, trigger clicks and promote sharing, here are a few timely tips.

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