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Poetry in motion: The simple, social way The New Yorker is making new connections

New Yorker app

We believe that anything your brand can do to regularly engage its audience and encourage others to share your content is a good idea. And those good ideas don’t necessarily have to be groundbreaking or expensive. Our newsletter is just one example.

Here’s another one we like:
The New Yorker magazine created a smart way to celebrate their love for the art of poetry. In honor of their 92nd anniversary, they’ve introduced “The New Yorker Poetry Bot” – a new app built to receive, read, listen to and share poetry. As brands look for new ways to stay relevant and connect with customers, this anniversary app is a great example of how using a little technology can keep your brand in front of your fans on a daily basis and give them a reason to share your content. If nothing else, the app can be a nice distraction from today’s ferocious news cycle or, who knows, the beginning of an inspired way to describe your next big idea.

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You’re absolutely right! The art of changing minds

Changing Minds

If you do brand marketing, you’re by default in the business of changing minds. From sales teams to CEOs, everyone is looking for the best way to get customers to change brands, change perceptions or change the way they see the competition. It turns out that one of the best ways to do just that comes from a 17th century philosopher who understood that where you start the conversation matters most.


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Tomorrow is overrated: How Jose Cuervo will help you embrace the apocalypse


As the DEFCON level for anxiety seems to rise daily, advertisers are embracing some of the larger dystopian themes that seem to come with this level of social upheaval and uncertainty about the future. Here’s one of our favorite new examples from Jose Cuervo. In this cinematic-quality TV spot, Cuervo takes the concept of “the end-of-days” another step further with a song and a dance.

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