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What is a “lifestyle brand” anyway? What it means, and a few who do it well

It’s not a new idea, but lifestyle branding is currently the cat’s meow. Meaning, it’s time to forget the business jargon and corporate lingo and start living alongside your customers—instead of in front of them. And it’s not just for B2C brands anymore. B2B brands are evolving from pragmatic to personable, and expressing something a little less tangible—a feeling that matches how people think and who they aspire to be.

Here’s a quick primer and a few short, sweet examples of brands that have connected with our collective consciousness by using lifestyle marketing principles.

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Higher sales per pixel: 8 ROI-y reasons to use video in your marketing

If you happen to be the one at the meeting who suggests a video to support your next marketing or branding effort, there is now a way to prove you are the brightest person in the room. Videos are increasingly becoming the preferred consumer interaction on mobile and desktop at a record setting pace. There’s no question that the moving images and the sights and sounds that take you along for a ride pack more bang for the buck than most other mediums. Hands down, videos convert more prospects and capture more attention. Even the most complex offering can be made simple and engaging through the magic of motion and sound. Whether fast-paced infographic-inspired explanations, or animation and live action, there are plenty of approaches that work. And the results are impressive.

Here are a few smart ways to justify the funds you’ll need to succeed

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Breakthrough brands! See who’s winning the battle of 2017 (and how)

A bright bunch of people with deep pockets, good reasons and a sound methodology took a close look at the breakthrough brands of 2017 and why they are capturing customers at an unprecedented rate. This group interviewed thousands of people, went through a massive list by industry, category, and age to come up with their 10 best based on how they resonate with consumers – and how they sit side-by-side with Apple, Coca-Cola, Disney, and other mature brands, despite being mere babes in the woods.

Check out this short video and a few snappy synopses that explain how these brands are hitting a proverbial home run.

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