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Trend Forecast 2020:
The Pattern is People

The Patter Is People

Adios 2019! You were wonderful, but we are now focused on helping our clients of all stripes put the finishing touches on their 2020 plans — and there are three human-centric trends we’ve factored into their strategies. See if you’re positioned to take advantage of these themes … If not, stop by for an effervescent Spy19 and some bubbly brainstorming!

1. Spotted: The rise of the empowered employee
As certain sectors heat up, and the competition for talent gets increasingly stiff, companies are needing to get WAY more creative and proactive about wooing top performers — and keeping them happy.  This requires more than increasing benefits… which often creates more chaos and complexity.  Are you doing all you can to recruit and retain the best people?  Or just coasting and hoping?

2. Spotted: Continued interest—and investment—in wellness
With healthcare costs skyrocketing, it makes sense…. Companies are making a more explicit commitment to health and wellbeing — both internally AND as a business opportunity and differentiation strategy. Fact is, wellness is now a $4.2 TRILLION market worldwide — growing at twice the pace of the global economy. Is your business tapping into the flow?

3. Spotted: Engaged and aligned leadership teams
Since forever, many C-suite execs have been running their own shows. We’re now seeing a shift to more collaborative leadership teams who are strategically aligned and optimized as a group. Companies that take the time to clarify business and brand imperatives, crystallize shared priorities and processes and truly deepen trust are creating exponential business value.

If you’d like to talk human-centric engagement and positioning strategies, we’re here!!

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Your support: We’ll drink to that!

The Spy 19 Cocktail

If you’re reading this we consider you among the reasons we get up in the morning to do what we do. We’re grateful for your friendship and your partnership, whatever it may be. This year we’re toasting to you with our proprietary take on the classic and uber trending French 75. This delicious sipper is perfect for the celebrations that are surely crowding your December calendar — or your own private revelry.

The Spy 19
2 parts gin (we chose Duluth-made Vikre Cedar to make it local & seasonal)
1 part fresh lemon juice (we added a few squeezes of orange, because: orange!)
1 part simple syrup
3 parts prosecco
Orange peel, cranberry & conifer sprig for garnish

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add the gin, lemon juice and simple syrup. Shake about 30 seconds. Strain the precious elixir into either flutes or coupes, top with prosecco, garnish and Happy Holiday sipping!

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