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Building Blocks: Loring Corners


Photo credit: Bill Klotz

We are super proud of our office space! Finance and Commerce just did a feature on Loring Corners that highlights the unique office space at Spyglass Headquarters. Check out the article and photo slideshow.

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Forgiveness is better for you than you think.


Have you ever felt like revenge was eating you up inside? Most people have. It’s no wonder. Movies and TV shows are obsessed with it. Learning to forgive is an acquired skill for most. See why it’s good for your soul—and your everyday life. Join Dean Seal and Spirit in the House for a unique interactive event featuring a range of performances, including Krista Tippet of MPR fame and an all-star cast of storytellers from around the world.

Dean is a renowned thought leader on the topic of forgiveness and a Spyglass pro bono client. We believe in the power of forgiveness and the difference it can make on a personal, local, national and international level. Join the conversation at

Learn more about Forgiveness 360 in the recent Star Tribune feature.

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Announcing “AURA” Our 2013 Holiday Party Theme

Aura, everyone’s got one. A field of luminous radiation. Life energy. Style. Presence. Grivatas. Swagger. It comes in colors. No matter what color yours is, we’ll be recharging it and getting our spirits all aglow at the 13th annual Spyglass Holiday Party.

Just to get you all goosed up here’s last year’s highlight reel.


View last year’s video

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