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Why Mayer matters: Meet the guy who makes Minneapolis happen

mayerWebNews2Scott Mayer is the man behind the Ivey Awards, Minnesota’s premier red carpet theater event. He’s also one of the driving forces of Made Here, a newly-launched initiative to bring local artists to downtown Minneapolis storefronts. These are just two of his many visionary projects that are putting the Twin Cities into the national spotlight. Spyglass has had the unique opportunity to be chosen to spearhead the branding and marketing of both projects.

Meet Scott and watch this video from CBS Minnesota


Take a look at our work for the 2014 Iveys and the see the Made Here website we recently designed.

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Rebiotix raises the capital necessary to change the world

rebiotixWebNews3Congratulations to one of our favorite Spyglass clients, Rebiotix founder and CEO, Lee Jones. Her hard work and perseverance is helping to bring a much-needed medical solution to one of the deadliest hospital-borne infections in the world. Clostridium difficile kills thousands annually and infects millions more. Soon there will be a new, natural treatment that is 95% effective. It succeeds where antibiotics have failed and is the only medical product of its kind to receive Fast Track FDA status. This is exciting stuff and an amazing story that will impact healthcare in a big way. Rebiotix is opening the door to an entire new field of medicine—intestinal bacteria—medicine’s newest and most promising frontier. An area of medicine with the potential to also solve conditions such as Crohn’s Disease‎, obesity and autism.

Read more about Lee and Rebiotix in the Star Tribune

Our role in the Rebiotix story
Spyglass collaborated with Lee’s team on the Rebiotix branding, messaging and named this new category in medicine. Check out the website and learn more.




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