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Have a Big Orange Yeti St. Patrick’s Day. Seriously, do.

YetiPhotos_Newsletter2Saturday, March 14th, our big furry friend will be in downtown St. Paul along West 7th Street to revel with the green hordes. The city closes the streets and the people watching is amazing. The Himalayan wild life is pretty cool, too. If you see him, say hi. He might buy you a green beer, if you don’t offer to buy him one first. And for goodness sakes, tweet your photos with him!

Follow him @BigOrangeYeti
Post your photos to #BigOrangeYeti

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Helping Ed get ahead without spending a pot of gold


Since 2001 Spyglass has donated and contributed more than $1.1M in agency expertise, cash and resources to organizations that we feel benefit the communities in which we live and work.

The Edina Education Fund is one of our most recent and proudest examples of brand philanthropy in action. This independent non-profit organization is dedicated to the continued academic excellence of the Edina Public Schools. They were in dire need of a brand refresh to help communicate who they are and capture the attention of parents in the district. Spyglass pitched in to create a new identity.

Check out the before and after:


Spyglass went further to develop the brands for the Golf and Tennis Classic and – key events and groups associated with the Edina Education Fund. The new brand was unveiled at highly successful fundraising event which brought in over $97k.




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