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Tweeting the Games: How to stay out of a hot mess in 140 characters or less

lead_Oympics_BlogFullThe 2016 Olympics in Rio are shaping up like a steamy jungle adventure. Here at Spyglass, we feel like a bunch of Indiana Joneses ready to chop through the dense vegetation of negative media hype, hoping for a little less focus on mosquitos, banditos and leaky-pipe-oritos—and more magic moments of culture and competition. If your brand is thinking about jumping on the social media bandwagon during the games, you’ll need to know the dos and don’ts of Olympic tweeting. NBC spent almost $1.3 billion for the rights to air the event, and reports say NBCUniversal believes it will sell well over $1 billion in advertising for its telecast. It’s no surprise that those brands, including the Olympic brand itself, are drawing a legal line in the sand to keep unpaid social media interlopers off their paid media turf. But if you play your cards right, you’ve still got a chip, a chair and a chance to make your mark.

Here’s how to stay out of hot water on social media and develop a gold medal strategy for riding the social waves.

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Blowing it up? Scion introduces new inflatable pitchman

scionBlogFullAfter one of your long weekend hikes this fall in and you’ve savored the sweet brisk fall air and evolving cornucopia of colors (preferably before kick-off), you may have had the chance between chores to sit back and critique the ad geniuses that bring you the game. It’s important to note that ESPN just paid four times the going rate to air NFL games. Cable companies pay a king’s ransom to ESPN—a whopping $6 monthly per subscriber. Why? Because ESPN is paying for the ratings, and cable TV is still making a killing. So it makes sense that advertisers have to up their game too, what with all this over exposure. That means the fine art of a brand’s ability to cut through the clutter to plant that one seed of brain remembrance is now at an all-time premium. But implanting a memory is harder than you think. See how Scion is playing their weird card to entertain you in the increasingly surreal world of automobile advertising.

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Think Green: The Top 8 St. Patrick’s Day ads


“I married an Irishman on St. Patrick’s Day.”
“Oh, really?”
“No, O’Reilly!”

See the top ads for St. Patty’s Day.

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Beast mode: Tim Palm panels AMA’s 3rd Annual Super Bowl Ad Review

adbowlRousing ovation ensued. Spyglass had a great time at Tuesday night’s American Marketing Association event held at Olson HQ. Spyglass Creative Director, Tim Palm, shared thoughts on the best and worst of this year’s Super Bowl ads along with Olson CCO Dennis Ryan, Carmichael Lynch and Spong Senior Partner, Julie Batliner and Nerland Co. CEO and CCO, Nathan Nerland. The audience learned that spending a whopping $4 million for a 30-second spot, or $8 million for a 60-second spot is well worth the money. With 140 million viewers at stake, it catapults you into a collective consumer conversation that is well worth the cost of admission. This year’s ads were heavier than ever with messaging geared towards a female audience, who constitute roughly half of all viewers. In short, ads we loved were the Snickers Brady Bunch spot for its twist on an established formula and the Always “Like a Girl” spot for its breakthrough approach and messaging. And, although we collectively found the Nationwide Insurance “Make Safe Happen” to be a downer and the Budweiser “Lost Dog” to be short on surprises, we agreed that they likely hit their mark.

Check out this Forbes article on whether or not a Super Bowl ad is worth the investment.

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Snow blind: Why finding your own typos is a mind-melting task

If you work in the world of marketing and advertising, you know that typos are a killer. They erode the faith of clients, hurt brands, and put you squarely on your heels in a conversation you wish you weren’t having. But the truth is, thanks to some quirky brain activity, its just plain tough to spot typos in your own work. Find out why.

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It’s never too early to hype: Newcastle teases us with 2016 Super Bowl ad


Newcastle pulled off something entirely new this year. They co-branded a Super Bowl ad with not just one partner, but plugged 37+ brands into a single one-minute clip. It was brilliant (to coin a competitor’s catch phrase) and effective. With 5,477,756, views and counting, it put the bold beer brand ahead of other stalwarts like McDonald’s and Toyota. Now, they already have a snarky teaser for what they have in store for Super Bowl 50. Yes, 50. The Super is going to digits instead of the Roman numeral L. Are you ready for some football? Newcastle gets our gold star for keeping the conversation going.

Check out the teaser spot

See this year’s Newcastle Super Bowl ad

Learn why it’s Super Bowl 50, not L

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Hot cheese! YouTube has a Super Bowl halftime show

hot-cheeseYou say you’re not a Katy Perry fan? Well, imagine that. Lucky for you, you’ve got an alternative this Super Bowl. This year YouTube will be adding its own halftime show to your bulging buffet of visual content. They guarantee it will be brimming with original content including fake ads, music and a general array of viral mayhem. The potential to capture even a slice of the Super Bowl eye pie is enormous, not to mention an excellent opportunity to boost the profile of YouTube’s own cast of kooks. Think about it: YouTube makes billions of dollars on people re-watching actual Super Bowl ad content and they have their own original Super Bowl half time content.It’s like eating your cash cake and having it too.

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Something to chew on: Meet the Mike Tyson of the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Chiellini no sauce

On the bright side, he missed the ear by a long shot. Uruguay striker Luis Suarez bit into the shoulder of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. It’s not the first time this guy has chomped, but it’s the most notable. It gave social media a super buzz foothold – and advertisers loved it.

Video of the bite.

Some of the funniest Tweets from brands about the bite on Mashable.

Twitter page for #BanSuarez.




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Selling the prank: “Mobile Futures” and the power of the spoof.

Spoof_FullSizeThe “Mobile Futures” initiative pairs brand executives with a venture-development firm in an attempt to ignite a more entrepreneurial attitude when it comes to brand building and humor. Oreo and Nabisco are just a few of the companies who think a little good humor goes a long way towards building a brand.

Cut to the funny stuff.

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Spring Preening: 5 hot tips to keep your brand budding.

Chicken_FullSize1. Spend some money, make some friends.
People are ready to join the fun. They’ll be crawling out of the woodwork and ready to spend. What are you going to do about it? It’s not too late. Think how spring 2014 consumers and your brand could really hit it off.

2. Get happy.
This winter, we barely made it out alive. People we know or love may be frozen in a snow bank. Dial up the office mood, add some color, cook some brats and drink some beers. Watch the bummer melt away, together.

3. Quit staring.
Not just at the pretty people as they take layering down to a new level. Quit admiring brands that are doing stuff. You need to do stuff, too. You can be as hot as they are. You just need a new brand tank top.

4. Compliment someone.
Tell somebody how awesome they really are. Or lie. But seriously, it has been a while. Defrost your soul and let a little emotion go. Tell that comrade in arms or client how much you love them.

5. Think Spring.
Spring has been a time of renewal for, well, the last millennium, so you may want to make a move. Your brand lawn ain’t gonna rake itself. Tidy up your summer 2014 game plan. Add a new twist.

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