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Brand police: Dominos uses mobile app to get the pizza-loving-public to turn up the heat on their franchises


Dominos has a new logo. They ditched the “pizza” from the Domino in a move to show the world that they do more than just spin crusts. Hoagies and wings and pasta, oh my! Maybe you’ve seen the TV spot. Dominos makes the puzzling move to destroy their old logo, cut from a building marquee only to plummet and explode on the sidewalk below. Gutsy. But it’s the social campaign where the genius really kicks in. Dominos asks consumers to become informants—to police their franchises for off-brand signage.

People who post an Instagram photo of any Domino’s franchise sporting the old logo can win Dominos pizza for life. At first blush, you could think this tattletale public shaming is counterintuitive. But you’d be wrong. First of all, your brand informants are advertising not just their love of Dominos but the nearest location, and are creating a new conversation.

This is brand engagement solid gold. It instigates an aha-moment in a powerful way—sick of pizza? You’ve got options. You quickly forget how you got there. Plus, it feeds the trolling beast, allowing consumers to experience the thrill of corporate social media shaming, likely oblivious to the fact that the corporation is behind its own public flogging.

The new Brand Informant campaign is being picked up by news outlets from across the spectrum, so the unpaid media upside is also massive. You could quibble about pizza for life in a “let’s move away from pizza” effort, but chicken carbonara for life doesn’t sound as good. When it comes to buzz, this is a cool move, anyway you slice it.

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