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Top 3 ways to have an endless brand summer

Hello Dude, thanks for coming. Here we are, kicking the tires on Q2 of 2014. Everyone has heard enough about winter. It was colder in Atlanta than Moscow, and that’s saying something. With the deep freeze ebbing, it’s time to roll out the proverbial brand tanning lotion and put a healthy glow on your business. Here’s how-

1. Grill yourself. 
Ask yourself what you could do to connect the dots and use spring as way to build your team. Yes, a BBQ is cool, but do it somewhere fun and have a theme. Like, “Banzai !”

2. Turn the heat up. Everyone gets a little lazy during the summer. Peeps go on autopilot. Create a reason to rally. Set some sales and marketing goals. Let people ring a bell.

3. Bring some condiments. Your team doesn’t work just for the love of the game. Set some incentives. Put some relish on the hot dog. Create a theme, make some t-shirts, and put a carrot on the stick. Tell people they can enjoy summer hours even more when they help your business accomplish a few key summer goals.

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Top 3 reasons to squeeze more C in your B-to-B

Spyglass does a lot of strategic marketing for businesses that sell exclusively to other businesses. Whether it’s health care, manufacturing, travel, or technology, one thing always holds true: companies want a more exciting story to tell that is simple, compelling and cuts to the chase. Here’s why.

1. Reward the attentive. Even if you’re selling a business-to-business service, you need to reward the prospect for giving you a nanosecond of interest. That means, being conversational, real and having a sense of humor.

2. Be sexier than you think you are. Today, every business is a retail business. Whatever you’re selling, it needs to look sexier. You have a more attractive proposition than you think. Find out why your brand is attractive, and flaunt it.

3. Act like you like yourself. If you don’t like what your business does for your customers, why should anyone else? All too often our clients say, “everyone says that.” Yeah, well, say it cooler and mean it.

Now, regroup. And watch this smashing video. B-to-B-to-C thinking.

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Why your brand should fly like a rock star.

Buy a corporate jet. Here’s why. Turns out deprecation and government tax breaks are your best friend when it comes to the jet-set life. Twist the right knobs on your brand refresh, and this could be you. I know people who can help.

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Need examples? Forward thinking is just guts in disguise.

For successful companies, it starts at the top. Unfortunately, half of the greatest ideas out there die on the vine because managers in companies don’t have the desire to fight the battles that it takes to go big. The Spyglass mantra has always been this: upper, upper management has to get on board with new brand work or the new thinking that emerges. Otherwise, the daring ideas and the exciting, new path towards growing your business becomes nothing more than tears in the rain.

Get inspired by the big hitters who dared to dive in head first.

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Selling the prank: “Mobile Futures” and the power of the spoof.

The “Mobile Futures” initiative pairs brand executives with a venture-development firm in an attempt to ignite a more entrepreneurial attitude when it comes to brand building and humor. Oreo and Nabisco are just a few of the companies who think a little good humor goes a long way towards building a brand.

Cut to the funny stuff.

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Spring Preening: 5 hot tips to keep your brand budding.

1. Spend some money, make some friends.
People are ready to join the fun. They’ll be crawling out of the woodwork and ready to spend. What are you going to do about it? It’s not too late. Think how spring 2014 consumers and your brand could really hit it off.

2. Get happy.
This winter, we barely made it out alive. People we know or love may be frozen in a snow bank. Dial up the office mood, add some color, cook some brats and drink some beers. Watch the bummer melt away, together.

3. Quit staring.
Not just at the pretty people as they take layering down to a new level. Quit admiring brands that are doing stuff. You need to do stuff, too. You can be as hot as they are. You just need a new brand tank top.

4. Compliment someone.
Tell somebody how awesome they really are. Or lie. But seriously, it has been a while. Defrost your soul and let a little emotion go. Tell that comrade in arms or client how much you love them.

5. Think Spring.
Spring has been a time of renewal for, well, the last millennium, so you may want to make a move. Your brand lawn ain’t gonna rake itself. Tidy up your summer 2014 game plan. Add a new twist.

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Wow. They batted .1000 at the Oscars.

If you were putting money down on the Oscars, you would have ran the table and cashed in big with a little help from technology company ICC. They plugged into the social media info-trove to determine the winners of six key Oscar categories and didn’t miss. Sure, some picks seemed like gimmes. But getting them all right? Tough to do. The implications are staggering for brands. Think build-to-trend products and services determined by big data algorithms, key words and mentions. Netflix is already doing it to create TV shows. Crack the code to create your own enormous cash wave. The odds are now in your favor.

Hop over to Twitter to check out our minute-by-minute breakdown!



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Hey – they discovered a new galaxy.

Thanks, NASA. I know what you’re thinking though. Oh, they found another galaxy…Big deal. And you’re right. It is a big deal! A whole ‘nother 719-planet cosmic swirl. Gently butted up against our solar system. You know what that means? There could be a bunch of other “Earths”.  Which also means your brand could exist in an alternate universe. Or galaxy. And they may be growing faster than you. Don’t freak. Luckily, your galaxy has a Spyglass. So what we’re saying is, you still have a chance.

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Rule 40: Why some sponsors who help foot the bill for Olympians have to go quiet during the Olympics

Never knew this. Only the Official Sponsors get the limelight for the duration of the games. It’s called “Rule 40” and it forbids athletes from promoting many of the brands that got them there. For Shaun White that means no logos for Target, Oakley or Red Bull. Not only that, these sponsors can’t use him, or any other Olympic athlete, in their advertising while the Olympics are in play. That also means Pepsi is a no show in Sochi, because Coca Cola is the official sponsor. Only Visa cards work at ATMs. And no Nike or Head branding for Bode Miller. When it comes to branding, the IOC rules with an iron fist. Even an athlete’s face has to be blurred on any website of a non-official sponsor during the games. It’s crazy brand control that the athletes and brands follow to the letter. Wow. One tight ship that leaves athletes with tight lips when it comes to calling out their non-official brand benefactors.

Also, a quick list of Olympic athletes that reap the most from their Olympic sponsors. Note: this does not include professional hockey players on Team USA.

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Free Internet for all! Take that, Comcast mega merger!

Someone has a big plan to level the playing field for the Internet world with a little somethin’ somethin’ called Outernet. Looks legitimate and there is no doubt it will change the game. It’s funny, because the minute I saw the Comcast/Time Warner merger announced I couldn’t help but think about the similarities to the telecom implosion. Not so long ago big telecom made big bucks, gobbled up the competition with its massive liquid assets and then exited stage left. Another victim of evolving technology and altered patterns of media consumption. Before you knew it the money went into a whole new set of pockets, and more than a few millionaires bit the dust. Life lesson #1: nothing lasts forever. We may stand on the shoulders of giants, but even the giants have the potential to turn to dust before you can say “husker du.” You never know when the next big thing will displace the incumbent. Today, it’s happening faster than ever. Another good reason to always be thinking about what’s next for your brand. And to wonder when Comcast, as we know it, might be going down.

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