Finally, an Ad Award that Celebrates Products that Define Brand Space.

Cannes Lions Ad Awards announced a new award category: Product Design. If you are not familiar, the Cannes Lions represent quite possibly the pinnacle of creative achievement, so this is an interesting development. After having done branding work for many outstanding product manufacturers – and even brands that help those manufacturers design incredible new products – we know how important product design is to brand perception.  Your products reflect something beyond functionality and reliability. They reflect your aesthetic. What a brand thinks of itself. Your view of the universe you operate in. Where you think the market is heading. And why someone should pay attention. For brands who see these factors before they design their products the rewards are big. From attracting top talent to building awareness and sales faster, great products have great impact. Now, there’s a prestigious award that can go with it. And that is always an outstanding PR opportunity with plenty of unpaid media potential.


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