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Will work for font: Turning cardboard messages into cash for a cause

Homeless_BlogHeaderWith the homeless begging for money on virtually every busy street corner someone had a cool idea. Why not turn some of the more interesting scrawls into original fonts? Then, sell them and donate the money to homelessness causes. Here’s the clever story. 

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Why taking a shower may be your best, last resort to brilliance.

Shower_BlogHeaderWhether you’re marketing to the masses, fixing your bike, doing the crossword or trying to out-Jobs Steve with a sexy new innovation, changing thought patterns can be the key to unlocking a universe of new possibilities. Here’s why.

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Something to chew on: Meet the Mike Tyson of the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Chiellini no sauce

On the bright side, he missed the ear by a long shot. Uruguay striker Luis Suarez bit into the shoulder of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. It’s not the first time this guy has chomped, but it’s the most notable. It gave social media a super buzz foothold – and advertisers loved it.

Video of the bite.

Some of the funniest Tweets from brands about the bite on Mashable.

Twitter page for #BanSuarez.




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Super Bowl Snoozer and the Banned Ads They Wouldn’t Air

BobDylan_Full Who would have thought it — a double dose of Bob Dylan for the Super Bowl? There he was shilling for Chrysler and the American can-do spirit while also serving as the musical backdrop for Chobani yogurt. Only fitting, because the game was like a good folk song. Too long and easy to tune out while you’re doing something else. It was hard to pay attention. The conversations percolated more, the trips to the food table got more frequent and the gigantic TV in the middle of the room just didn’t get requisite face time. Even the halftime was meh. In the end, it was the most lopsided Super Bowl victory in 21 years. What was supposed to be a storied matchup of #1s turned out to be a second rate dud. It took the Broncos 45 minutes of game time to put points on the board. Manning, the brilliant student of the game, looked overmatched and out of it. Just like most viewers. Budweiser’s predictably poignant ode to animals “Puppy Love” won top honors on 2014 Super Bowl Ad Meter. And Heinz got away with a fart joke that took way too long to develop. And that pretty much said it all. No big surprises here. Just the score. Watch the ads deemed too controversial to air here. And here’s a link to honest company slogans that reflect common brand perceptions. Just cuz. Happy Monday!

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Super Super Bowl Marketing: How Two Guys Inhaled the Right URL at the Right Time

Super Bowl Tshirts with a twist
(AP Photo/Ed Andrieski)

Interesting article on two savvy entrepreneurs who knew that if the two states that legalized pot got to the big game, they could score big profits. Also shows how the NFL/pot tie-in is helping lots of people make hemp while the sun shines. Like we tell our clients about URLs – while they may not be the end all to profits and performance – it’s a good idea to snap up what you can before someone else gets to them. Full article:

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Finally, an Ad Award that Celebrates Products that Define Brand Space.


Cannes Lions Ad Awards announced a new award category: Product Design. If you are not familiar, the Cannes Lions represent quite possibly the pinnacle of creative achievement, so this is an interesting development. After having done branding work for many outstanding product manufacturers – and even brands that help those manufacturers design incredible new products – we know how important product design is to brand perception.  Your products reflect something beyond functionality and reliability. They reflect your aesthetic. What a brand thinks of itself. Your view of the universe you operate in. Where you think the market is heading. And why someone should pay attention. For brands who see these factors before they design their products the rewards are big. From attracting top talent to building awareness and sales faster, great products have great impact. Now, there’s a prestigious award that can go with it. And that is always an outstanding PR opportunity with plenty of unpaid media potential.


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(Mini)minneapolis: Our New Favorite City

Miniminneapolis. Ever heard of it? I couldn’t find it on Google maps so there is no way it actually exists.  Well Starburst would disagree. In their latest ad they feature miniminneapolis, where their new miniature candies are made.  Spyglass calls Minneapolis its home so we were instantly intrigued, but what really made us pay attention was the thought behind the ad.  It was perfect.  They managed to introduce a new product, make people laugh, and gain instant interest from anyone with a fondness of the original Minneapolis (or just Minneapolis as we call it). Not to mention it only took them 30 seconds to do so. Think about your own brand. Could you make a play on words to help gain awareness?  We can.  We are already getting the whiteboards out and creating new cities as we speak…. And we can promise you they are filled with new characters and taglines to fit your brand. Which sounds much more intriguing than the weather here, so let’s get started. Right here in Spytopia, a creative municipality located here in PolarVortexasota.

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Performance Enhancing Plugs


“I’m laying down my new audiobook. No writing, just spoken words –the old fashioned way.” – Kenny Powers

ABM—Always Be MultitaskingPretty simple, hombre. It’s the only way to survive in this hyper-stimulated multimedia world. Save the quiet moments for sleepy time, when you can ratchet the real world down to ambient fan noise and a TV show with lots of gunfire, car explosions and the sound turned down low. Look at it this way, if the Spyglass Blog was a podcast, done the old-fashioned way with just spoken words, you could do two to five things at once and still absorb our vast tribal knowledge via audio osmosis. Get inspired and get more done. Boom. Works for me.

Take the other day, for example. I was listening to the top-ranked business podcasts, Entrepreneur On Fire and Investor Beatand once I got over the fact that there were no actual entrepreneurs literally on fire (bummer, cuz that’s a good time to get your best ideas out) and no investors being physically beaten, I settled down and started working it. While they were in my earballs quoting Bill Cosby’s winning entrepreneurial wisdom and telling me how Icahn is at it again, I was knocking a new campaign out of the park, whipping up an awesome social media strategy and helping our killer team of strategists, creatives and lightbulb-changers turn another Spyglass client into a Fortune 100 wonder. Heck, I even ate an apple and bagel slathered in Gorau Glas. And that’s before lunch.

I’m not saying it works for everyone. But I strongly suggest ABM. I know darn well you’ve got a list as long as a laptop cord of things to do. In fact, I talked to your boss, and she says you’re not in the hot seat (technically) but a little extra effort would go a long way to put off your eminent firing. Just trying to help.


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