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Spyglass Prediction: Peace, love and happy brand new year

Feels like a flashback, man. Back in 1970 when Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young released Déjà vu with the track “Almost Cut My Hair”, they were talking about savoring the good mojo of the 1960s. It was the peoples’ movement. Promoting the idea that being yourself and not being ashamed about it was where it was at. Letting your long hair, or as CSNY called it, your “freak flag”, fly. Now here we are in 2015, and the rapidly emerging mantra for brands is one the sixties counterculture embraced: people power and individualism. For companies, this means being human, being yourself and keeping it real. Welcome to 2015, the Woodstock year of brand building. Where brands succeed with a healthy mix of transparency, warts-and-all honesty and acting the way real people act. Giving customers the freedom to interact with your brand in ways they prefer. Looks like it’s time to forget about keeping up with the Dow Joneses. Time to embrace what makes your brand unique. And most importantly, being creative about how you express what makes you different. We’re down with that. Peace, love … and happy brand new year.

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Emotions in motion: Your infographic guide to some of this century’s greatest hits

Infographics are all the rage. And why not? When done correctly they simplify complex (and sometimes not so complex) ideas, without the clutter of clumsy sentences and mangled metaphors. But being clever can be harder than it looks. Let us help. Check out this conceptual guide to songs from the last century. It’s a nice example of inside-the-box thinking for outside-the-box ideas like love, jealously, perfection and post-relationship stress disorder. A little inspiration for you in your quest to bring brevity to your brilliance and pack more potency into your brand’s most nebulous value propositions. Happy Monday!

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Orange you glad to see us?

If you hadn’t noticed, we really like the color orange. Orange is the color of creativity and all things Spyglass. Below are a few of our favorite orange things:

Orange shoes. Every member of the Spy Team is equipped with at least one pair.

Orange flowers. The perfect addition to your desk.

The orange Birkin. Yes, our owner carries an orange purse.

Orange feather boa. You may see one or two of these at our holiday party.

And finally, pumpkins (but only because there are puppies.)

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