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Fashion 2015: See who’s doing what with whom


The winter of our discontent is behind us, giving way to brilliant blasts of sunshine, BBQs and new style. It occurred to us that you might want to take a quick break to see what’s shakin’ in big brand fashion. It’s a chance for you to dial up your wardrobe and think about the possibility of slipping into something more comfortable. But it’s also something more. See how brands with big bucks approach the marketing game and which celebrities they think best align with their brand essence. What you will find is when you’ve got a face that can launch a thousand shirts, you don’t need much in the way of headlines. But you better bring your best concepts to the photo shoot, because image is still everything here—as it should be with every good brand out there. Spend a minute taking a valuable peek into how every detail in every ad is managed to evoke a predictable response from the target audience. Here, the right combination of composition, color and logo is everything in ads that are thought through, stared at, studied, reworked, critiqued, criticized and ultimately put to print, digital, outdoor and online. You can learn a lot from how the brand masters of fashion try to ring our bell. You also learn that if you’re Cara DeLevengne, never sign a non-compete.

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