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Golden Globes Part II – Why Celebrities Love Social Media

As the Golden Globes 2014 rolled on (in between the extremely long walks to the stage) celebrities were posting pictures and comments to their own personal social media accounts.  All gobbled up and re-spewed at a mind-boggling rate. We’ve never been so connected to celebrities. Everything you need to know, instantly available. So even though we may be at home watching in our pajamas, most of us were consuming media from multiple sources. And the stars were fueling the fire with selfies and casual pics creating yet another instant connection to help us feel like we were a part of the show.  Sure, this connection works great for celebrities. But companies are quickly learning that this can be a huge advantage for them, too.

Take Oreo for example.  They had one of the best social media events of the year with their quick thinking tweet during last year’s Super Bowl blackout.

Now take that idea and apply it to your own company.  People WILL be talking about these events.  If you can manage to slip into the social media Jetstream you instantly become part of the conversation, and you may strike unpaid media gold. If you get your brand to be a part of that conversation, well then, you deserve a Golden Globe yourself.  I’m thinking “Best Engagement of Consumers Online”.  We will even come deliver it to you. Or better yet, if you got better things to do, let us take care of the social media strategy for you.  Call us and let’s brainstorm on how to get you noticed in the big conversation.  I have to go for now…need to  prepare all of those awards we just promised you. Get your speech ready.

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