Why Most Businesses are Dropping the Ball in Content Marketing

What you don’t know may hurt you. Yeah, you’ve heard that one before. But if you’re serious about capturing customers via the web, you may want to take a minute to think about where you could be hitting a home run or two. This wonky little analysis speaks to a simple impending truth: most businesses aren’t doing enough with content marketing. And by enough, I mean pretty much an epic fail. Don’t despair. There are so many quick wins you could be achieving that don’t cost an arm a leg or an act of God. Simple stuff that will boost you out of the Google search basement and onto the collective consciousness of the people who want—dare I say, long—to find you, but just can’t.

Here’s the Business 2 Community article I’m talking about. The love of your business life is out there, but you are nowhere to be found. And you’d hate to miss out on destiny just because you’re not even in the conversation, right?

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Mondays after a long weekend are always the worst. Thankfully, our monday mugs are here to help!

@heydodes picked out a mug that’s a piece of Spyglass history! Creative Director Andy designed this logo for the U.S. Open in 1991. 

“Monday afternoon pick-me-up.” — @meghanwelch (Mugs are appropriate all day long, you know.)

For those of you who don’t drink coffee, here’s @lkrink representing your side of the caffeine spectrum with a mug representing our beautiful building, the Historic Loring Corners. 

Got a favorite mug that makes your Mondays less of a drag? Instagram or tweet at us with the hashtag #muglymonday! We’ll post our favorites every Monday and continue on our path to Maddie On Things greatness.

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@bnordahl likes pine trees on her Monday mug. What was on yours? Tweet or Instagram us with #muglymonday!

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Friday Thoughts

I have a billion what-ifs and no way forward. -miranda kenneally

This quote stuck out to me because I’ve often felt the same. What to do with all the great ideas floating around in my head? That’s still to be determined, but I do know Miranda wouldn’t have felt this way had she stopped to see us at Spyglass. We thrive on ideas and what-ifs, and often do come up with millions of them ourselves! But we certainly never get stuck on how best to move forward.

Have a great weekend, readers!

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How to Create a Viral Video (or how #2 became number #1)

Adweek just came out with their list of the 20 most viral video ads of 2013, which includes everything from PooPourri’s “Girls Don’t Poop”video to Kmart’s “Ship My Pants” video. (Wait, is there a theme here?)

The truth is, if we had penny for every “viral video”  we’ve been asked to produce, we’d be millionaires. And if we’d created enough of them we’d be billionaires. But this is no exacting science, friends. By definition, a viral video becomes popular through a meteoric and often unpredictable online sharing event and unfortunately, if someone promises you that your video will become the next Geico “Hump Day”, we’ve got some land in the Arabian desert we’d like to sell you.

It’s tough to get viral traction. And more often than not, more about dumb luck. There’s 8 trillion videos vying for eye space, give or take a billion. Which begs the million view question: how do you create a surefire viral video anyway? Even poop humor is no guarantee of success.

Here’s what we can promise—we’ll do our research and understand your brand and your target market. We’ll deliver innovative and creative thinking that matches your business goals and objectives. We’ll create a dissemination plan that is backed by your target market research and the knowledge of best practices in the online space. And then devise an amazing poop joke. Or something remarkably  a) hilarious, (b) heartwarming, or (c) heartbreaking, depending on your goals for global market domination.

What we do know is all viral videos have to start with that basic foundation and include a reason to get passed around. And hey, whenever you can throw in a poop joke or two, that may help too. But if you know of a foolproof plan, please let us know immediately. We’ve got a sh*tload of viral videos to create. So the sooner the better.

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To co-brand or not to co-brand? Recent trends indicate a semi-seismic shift.

J.Crew recently released their first foray into broadcast advertising with a new TV spot that’s high on holiday sentiment with a clever co-branding twist. The spot shows a lovely little all-American family making the all-important decision about what their annual family holiday card portrait will be (albeit, in a far more glamorous way than I ever remember as a kid). You can (and should) watch the painfully heartfelt spot here. Fair warning though: be prepared to feel bad about any holiday card you have ever been in. Ever.

What’s interesting, and in true Jenna Lyons form, is that the ad doesn’t actually plug J.Crew until the very end, and it’s positioned as more of a spot for MasterCard – a J.Crew partner procured to help simplify the buying process this holiday season. Looks like we know who paid the bulk of this production bill. No doubt this seems to be an emerging trend in retail marketing – big brands are getting even bigger by finding the right complimentary products to pair with their offerings. Any recent retail partnership can attest to that — Duluth Pack + Faribault Woolen MillsH&M + any high-end designerNike + bluesign. Every one of these partnerships not only opens up a new audience for both brands, but also increases the value of their products to consumers as they ride each other’s coattails into the hearts and minds of consumers. Brands are looking outward and hunting down the right partners to propel themselves forward. Are you?

The trick is doing your due diligence and soundly determining who should be your date. Think hard and think fast. And if you like it, put a ring on it. Might be a marriage made in heaven. No pre-nup.

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Woo hoo! Another Monday completed. Did you make it though alright? These @myfakeyelashes and @drewhickok certainly did!

“Spending my morning at the Jane Hotel #muglymonday” –@myfakeyelashes

“My mug doubles as a mirror, how handy! #muglymonday” –@drewhickok


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Orange you glad to see us?

If you hadn’t noticed, we really like the color orange. Orange is the color of creativity and all things Spyglass. Below are a few of our favorite orange things:

Orange shoes. Every member of the Spy Team is equipped with at least one pair.

Orange flowers. The perfect addition to your desk.

The orange Birkin. Yes, our owner carries an orange purse.

Orange feather boa. You may see one or two of these at our holiday party.

And finally, pumpkins (but only because there are puppies.)

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Is it all worth it?

If this was Facebook, and you saw a status like my title, chances are you might start hiding my future updates from your timeline. This is just one example of vaguebooking.

Urban Dictionary describes vaguebooking as, “an intentionally vague Facebook status update that prompts friends to ask what’s going on.” Although not everyone has heard the term, most people have experienced vaguebooking in their own news feed. I saw three on my timeline just this morning – everything from, “I have the best boyfriend ever,” to “I just don’t understand some people.”

What if companies vaguebooked? How would you react if you saw Target with a status that said, “I guess today is just going to be one of those days”?

Showing brand personality can really strengthen a bond between a company and a consumer, but only if done in the right way. For example, Target will always lose to Walmart in the lowest price battle, but many customers choose Target based on its personality and the consumer experience.

What brands are doing a good job of showing their personality? Let us know below!

And when it comes to vaguebooking, I would say no, it’s never worth it.

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This week’s mugs come from @andrewwiech & @youngbrokefabulous —

“After this weekend, I might need some afternoon coffee. #MuglyMonday” -@andrewwiech

“Books and caffeine, a good Monday makes. #muglymonday” -@youngbrokefabulous

Got a favorite mug that makes your Mondays less of a drag? Instagram or tweet at us with the hashtag #muglymonday! We’ll post our favorites every Monday and continue on our path to Maddie On Things greatness.


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