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Clever kidney stunts (or why unpaid media is awesome).

Sometimes you’ve got to run it up the flagpole and see. Take Jim Gorbunow. He needs a kidney. So he built a giant kidney out of snow in his front yard. []. It’s smiling. Friendliest damn kidney I’ve ever seen. Looks like it could use a friend. You have to hand it to this guy. This has to be more effective than advertising in Extra Kidneys Monthly. It’s been on every news channel from here to Helsinki. I’d call that a savvy advertising stunt. Heck, I wanted to give. It wasn’t far from my house. Could I just pull up in the driveway and a “doctor” would come out and harvest my extra kidney and put it in a beer cooler? You know, from the passenger side. I’d just ease my seat back a little, but otherwise, no biggie. And off they would go to give Jim a live transplant. There would be some clean up for me. I’d recycle the towelettes and put the scalpels in my dishwasher and bring them back. But then I thought, it’s flu season, and car kidney surgery may compromise my immune system. Plus, my wife and kids probably want to divvy up my extra vital organs. But I digress. The point is, this is a great example of Gorilla advertising. Today, it’s called unpaid media. And every brand can use some. Call Spyglass if you need some ideas. Quick, before the snow melts. And if you have an extra kidney, call Jim. Operators are standing by.

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