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Spring Preening: 5 hot tips to keep your brand budding.

1. Spend some money, make some friends.
People are ready to join the fun. They’ll be crawling out of the woodwork and ready to spend. What are you going to do about it? It’s not too late. Think how spring 2014 consumers and your brand could really hit it off.

2. Get happy.
This winter, we barely made it out alive. People we know or love may be frozen in a snow bank. Dial up the office mood, add some color, cook some brats and drink some beers. Watch the bummer melt away, together.

3. Quit staring.
Not just at the pretty people as they take layering down to a new level. Quit admiring brands that are doing stuff. You need to do stuff, too. You can be as hot as they are. You just need a new brand tank top.

4. Compliment someone.
Tell somebody how awesome they really are. Or lie. But seriously, it has been a while. Defrost your soul and let a little emotion go. Tell that comrade in arms or client how much you love them.

5. Think Spring.
Spring has been a time of renewal for, well, the last millennium, so you may want to make a move. Your brand lawn ain’t gonna rake itself. Tidy up your summer 2014 game plan. Add a new twist.

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