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Don’t know about Mesh Networking?

A new iOS app called FireChat is blowing up. The underlying networking technology has a legion of innovators goosed about what it will do for social branding. A whole new way to connect is coming our way.

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Free Internet for all! Take that, Comcast mega merger!

Someone has a big plan to level the playing field for the Internet world with a little somethin’ somethin’ called Outernet. Looks legitimate and there is no doubt it will change the game. It’s funny, because the minute I saw the Comcast/Time Warner merger announced I couldn’t help but think about the similarities to the telecom implosion. Not so long ago big telecom made big bucks, gobbled up the competition with its massive liquid assets and then exited stage left. Another victim of evolving technology and altered patterns of media consumption. Before you knew it the money went into a whole new set of pockets, and more than a few millionaires bit the dust. Life lesson #1: nothing lasts forever. We may stand on the shoulders of giants, but even the giants have the potential to turn to dust before you can say “husker du.” You never know when the next big thing will displace the incumbent. Today, it’s happening faster than ever. Another good reason to always be thinking about what’s next for your brand. And to wonder when Comcast, as we know it, might be going down.

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