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Have a Big Orange Yeti St. Patrick’s Day. Seriously, do.

YetiPhotos_Newsletter2Saturday, March 14th, our big furry friend will be in downtown St. Paul along West 7th Street to revel with the green hordes. The city closes the streets and the people watching is amazing. The Himalayan wild life is pretty cool, too. If you see him, say hi. He might buy you a green beer, if you don’t offer to buy him one first. And for goodness sakes, tweet your photos with him!

Follow him @BigOrangeYeti
Post your photos to #BigOrangeYeti

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Big Orange Yeti hits his tweet spot: From Burning Man to hashtag

BOYNews4Our own superhero of sorts, known affectionately as Big Orange Yeti, can now be among one of your sources of inspiration on Twitter. Follow him now @BigOrangeYeti. The karmic forces of good will thank you for it. #somethingwonderful

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Latest Yeti sightings push happiness levels to a new high


Spreading the message that great brands should know how to stand out from the crowd, Yeti made a couple of unannounced public appearances. First on the Nicollet mall for lunch, and then near the start of the 2014 Twin Cities Marathon, bringing a rush of happiness to huggers and high-fivers who like a little instant karma. Where will he appear next? Your guess is as good as ours.

Follow him on Twitter @BigOrangeYeti

See all of our fabulous Yeti pictures


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