CWT sends a message to the world: 
Your new travel essential is here!

Carlson Wagonlit Travel is the global leader in business travel management, with operations in more than 150 countries, 18,000 employees and more than $21 billion in sales. Spyglass was tapped to create a campaign that launched their new app to travelers in more than 150 countries and 7 different languages.

CWT To Go Email

The campaign was delivered mainly through digital channels (email, itineraries, intranet, websites), which gave us the opportunity to create highly customizable messages to specific target audiences. While your travel essentials may vary by country, gender or personal hygiene habits, the new mobile app from CWT will soon be a constant across all travelers.

The video combined the visual theme of the Travel Essentials campaign with the need for a quick overview demo of the actual app. The result was a fun, fast-paced “day-in-the-life” of a busy world traveler. Actually, “two-days-in-the-life.”


Using a large-scale engagement campaign and high-energy video translated into 7 languages, Spyglass was able to help CWT significantly increase downloads of their new travel app.

“When you get the kind of response we did from this campaign, you know you’re doing something right. Spyglass helped us connect with new customers around the world in a memorable and effective way.”

Global  Marketing Director

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