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Case Study: CWT AnalytIQs

Raising the IQ of business intelligence

Helping corporate travel managers make better decisions, in real time.
The Issue

CWT, one the world’s leading travel management platforms, asked Spyglass to look at their business intelligence tool, then called PMC. CWT knew it needed a reboot to better address the problems faced by thousands of Travel Managers who needed more real-time information in order to better serve — and compete with — DIY business travelers who were booking outside the system, using the many travel tools available to the modern traveler.

The Insight

Through persona development and vision exercises, Spyglass realized that Travel Managers cared not only about being able to get information quickly, but wanted the ability to run simple reports that could give them straightforward answers they could share internally. They wanted the ability to report on what had happened in the past AND also predict travel behavior and spend for the future.

The Solution

Spyglass created an optimized and consistent user experience that focused on simplicity-first design. This approach allowed users to get the key information right away, and then easily dig into the details and begin utilizing the real-time and predicative capabilities the tool now offered. In addition, Spyglass created a demo of the key user flows that the sales team could begin sharing with customers so they could see the vision of where CWT was going.

CWT AnalytIQs header
AnalytIQs logo
CWT AnalytIQs screens

“Spyglass was strategic and vison-oriented, rather than just focused on technical implementation right away. You look at our projects more holistically. You make us think outside the box. And the ROI of that was more than just completing this project. It was the power of the brand, the creativity, the training, everything.”

Leisha Lindsay
VP, DnA Personalization

AnalytIQs on iPad

CWT AnalytIQs is now used by travel managers across the globe — and the sales demo continues to showcase the future-focused thinking that is at the heart of this product.

Measuring happiness
In addition to developing the tool for today’s travel managers to track and forecast spend, Spyglass also helped visualize the future of the platform, including the ability to monitor traveler happiness across the globe.

  • Optimized User Experience
  • Data Visualization Guidelines
  • Sales Demo
  • Logo
  • Persona Development