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Case Study: Optum

The 2-minute warning for health care.

How less is more when it comes to health account information.
The Issue

Optum, a national leader in population health and wellness services, had a problem: too much information in too many hard-to-find places. Furthermore, the content was in varying formats that ranged from 8-10 minute videos to downloadable 10-page brochures. Which meant that while answers were available, few online visitors took the time to find them.

The Insight

Through research, we discovered that the single largest deterrent to people looking for answers was not the topic or format of the material, but rather its length and size. If the video was over three minutes or a PDF was over one megabyte, the number of viewers dropped dramatically. And if there were two options available with the same answer, the shortest was chosen 85% of the time, regardless of source or quality.

The Solution

The answer was simple, but not easy. First, we sorted through all materials and combined or eliminated any duplication. Second, we condensed or divided the remaining information into digestible bits so that nothing took more than two minutes to view or read — whether it was a video, PDF or email. The result was the 2-Minute Answers series, where users could find the information they needed in record time.

2 Minutes is all it takes.

“Spyglass took on the daunting challenge of simplifying how our employer customers access and use our education tools. They figured out an elegant, user-friendly solution”

Kevin Abramson
VP, Marketing Services and Operations


By developing a website featuring Optum’s most popular education tools and producing new 2-minute videos and a “2 Minute Tuesdays” email campaign, site visits, webinar attendance and resource downloads all increased — as much as 250%.


In addition to the OE123 website, Spyglass developed a series of highly effective targeted email campaigns to both encourage health plan members to open an HSA and to fund it throughout the year. By using consumer data we were able to specifically tailor the creative, messaging and photography to appeal to the distinct audiences. The results . . . over 10,000 new HSA accounts opened with $30 million in new account funding.

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  • Video Series
  • Website
  • Targeted Marketing Campaign
  • Customer Experience Audit