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Sweet spots: The MN AMA 4th Annual Super Bowl Ad Review at Carmichael Lynch

Posted on 02.09.16 by Spyglass


Last year we had a seat on the panel, this year we were just there to enjoy other expert opinions. It was an excellent evening with a very entertaining panel of industry pros who made some clever observations. Among them was the idea that most ads started strong and ended on an odd note, which is the new normal for broadcast ads—keep watching because there will be a big surprise at the end (or just something completely stupid). With ad space costs ballooning to $5M for thirty seconds, or roughly $166K per second, keeping people watching every moment is obviously among the key objectives. One clear sentiment was that it felt like a safe year, with advertisers taking very few risks. Not only that, there wasn’t much of a social media tie-in to any of the ads—another departure from trends of the recent past. When the dust settled, these ads were the consensus favorites from the panel.

Avocados from Mexico “AVOS in Space”: Sure you could have added any brand at the end, but it was just a fun, strange ride through our evolution as a species.

Axe “Find your Magic”: Hailed as a more inclusive, edgy and interesting departure from Axe’s traditional chick magnet approach saluting those who embrace their best quirks.

Heinz Ketchup “Wiener Stampede”: What can we say? It was surreal and emotional, dogs were involved and it has the potential do some character development down the road.