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Ten ways brands are saying Olympics without saying “Olympics”: How to free ride the games vibe without stepping on any toes

Posted on 08.11.16 by Spyglass

If you are a fan of our monthly newsletter or just a casual enthusiast, you probably know that we led our most recent August edition with the do’s and don’ts for brands that want to free ride the social media wave during the Rio 2016 Olympics. Well, despite a boatload of copyright restrictions from the IOC and their paid sponsors when it comes to mentioning your brand alongside anything Olympics related, some clever companies are still jumping onboard, making waves and avoiding the long arm of the intellectual property law. It’s living proof that the iconic nature of the games gives you the ability to conjure associations using all sorts of ideas that aren’t trademarked and do not require a logo. You need to think on the fly. It’s a little bit like Pictionary. But as we all know, sometimes finding the simplest way to get the idea across can be the hardest thing to do of all. Except for us—we were #phelpsface-ing it up before it was even cool. Although, truth be told, it might have been all of the early Spring road construction projects around here.

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