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Everybody knows somebody with AFib: Cardialen chooses Spyglass to help bring their revolutionary heart therapy to millions (including our family and friends)

Posted on 02.08.17 by Spyglass

Cardiac arrhythmias take a significant toll on the people we know and love—and many, many others. Over 9 million people are affected in the US and EU alone. Sadly, 130,000 Americans die annually from atrial fibrillation (AFib), and that number continues to rise as our population ages.

Despite advancements in medical technology, AFib has remained a massive challenge for doctors and there has been very little significant progress in treatment for decades. AFib continues to greatly restrict what otherwise healthy people can do every day, and greatly shortens life expectancy. Today, the only available treatments have serious side-effects, dismal efficacy rates, and the intervention with high-voltage paddles is shockingly painful.

Thankfully, Cardialen has a breakthrough device poised to change all that. It’s the first, painless arrhythmia solution in over a decade. It identifies, treats and helps to ensure long-term heart health. Now, with 19 key patents in place and a clear pathway of care for insurers and doctors, the future is bright for Cardialen, and those with AFib.

. Paula Skjefte, Cardialen Chairman and CEO explains, “The pieces are in place. We are passionate about the opportunity to save and extend millions of lives. It’s the most promising cardiac treatment solution in decades. We have the human data to prove our therapy works and we are moving fast. We’re thrilled to be working with Spyglass and confident they will help take the Cardialen story to an entirely new level.” Visit to learn more.