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New school rules: Key considerations when designing a modern logo

Posted on 04.18.17 by Spyglass

We’ve done more than our fair share of logos over time. The challenge to create something original and eye-catching has only increased with the virtually unlimited number of brands and the constant influx of newcomers. Now there are a whole host of new considerations. It used to be that if you wanted to “look” like a modern, digital company there was a certain feel that you went after (orbits, swirls, digitized type, etc.). But today, every company is a “digital” company. So trying to “look” digital and modern is actually a bit of an old-fashioned notion.

However, most logos are still designed to be static, highly regulated symbols of a company that come with a book of rules and strict dos and don’ts. An approach that came from the days when the use of a logo was mostly print. But the simple truth is, how customers and prospects interact with any given logo is probably 90% electronic i.e. via email, websites, TV and social media. Which begs the question: How can a logo move from “looking” digital to actually “being” digital?

The bottom line is, we are in a design era for logos where anything is possible, and it’s time to rethink the traditional static logo. Logos need to be “living things” that evolve to meet changing brand needs and match the challenges of our digital world.

With that said, here is smart post to give you a quick overview of what to consider in today’s logo landscape. Number 9 may provide a glimpse into the future of branding.