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Space odyssey: Why bringing your brand into your office matters

Posted on 06.13.17 by Spyglass

Numbers now prove what we have intuitively known all along: the design of your office matters – to the tune of increasing productivity up to 20%*. Whether it’s a larger architectural undertaking or as simple as some new paint and posters, bringing your brand to life in your office space affects how customers and prospects perceive your value, reminds employees to work with intent and can boost your bottom line. To wit, here are two examples of recent work helping our clients translate their brand values into their physical environments.


Walman HQ: Showcasing the Walman Advantage

Walman is the largest independent ophthalmic company is the US, and an impressive example of a successful ESOP. Because they are employee-owned, justifying a sizable spend on an office redesign was no small task. We worked with Walman to prove out the possibilities and the ROI that a remodel could bring to their business. The Walman Advantage is displayed for all to see the minute they cross the lease line, and employees have a renewed enthusiasm for the larger Walman brand purpose.




By opening the staircase and updating the lobby and meeting areas, Walman now looks like the leader that they are.
Photo credit: Rachel Stocker


Foresight Associates:
Bold color captures their mantra for success

Foresight Associates is a boutique management consultancy that uses consumer data to help clients create growth scenarios and identify insights they can apply to their larger strategic initiatives. They have worked with some of the biggest names in B2C across a wide range of industries. With some paint and posters, Spyglass helped Foresight bring their brand ethos to life within their wonderfully quirky and historic office space.




Foresight Associates wanted to offer employees a daily reminder, and give clients a preview, of the key elements that drive their success.