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The Spyglass Experience: Intern McKenna Knapp offers a personal perspective

Posted on 06.09.17 by Spyglass


For the past two weeks, I have had the opportunity to intern at Spyglass for my Senior May Term project. A May Term is where graduating high school seniors have the ability to take control of their learning by doing community service or exploring a possible career path. Being at Spyglass has been a dream come true as I learned a lot – from sitting in on meetings for big projects, and using my very own Spyglass email!

Having never been to the office before, I was taken aback on my first day as I was greeted with a sea of orange (which I soon learned was the color of creativity). I walked around in awe the whole first week, as I continually discovered little surprises such as the disco ball, super hero posters, and creative surprises almost everywhere I looked. I was impressed at how the office seamlessly balanced a fun and professional work atmosphere. This was evident in not only the decor but within the interactions I had with the Spyglass team. They managed to get their work done and be absolutely hilarious at the exact same time. I’m still not exactly sure how some of them do it.

I had the chance to interview many of them about their careers, their time at Spyglass and their path to get here. The way they think about the world and the experiences they have had, have inspired me. They taught me to not be afraid of being an individual or starting something new. They taught me that I want to create, I don’t know how or what that means yet, but I know I’ll figure it out. As I start college this fall, I will look to them as my role models in this process.

Throughout my time at Spyglass, I realized that they have created their own Spyglass family. A family in which they make nachos to share at lunchtime, share inside jokes I can’t even begin to understand (although I did make some of my own during my time here), and in which they always have each other’s backs. This family even extends outside of the office to all of their clients, creating a dynamic that I was very proud to be a part of. Although my Spyglass internship has sadly come to an end, I will carry the lessons I have learned with me to my next adventure and hopefully I’ll even be back for more.