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Are you tending your Perennials? The people kind.

Posted on 07.19.17 by Spyglass


It’s full-on summer in the Northern Hemisphere and for many of us that means water sports, BBQs and savoring the vibrant blooms in our gardens. Ahhhh…

Meanwhile, back at the office, you’ve probably sat through more than one presentation about how to understand and attract different generational cohorts—especially Millennials, ostensibly a mammoth market. Yet it turns out this mania might actually be misguided.

As Gina Pell, founder of The What, declared: “the age of targeted media and products based on age is over.” In an article in Fast Company, Pell predicted that your obsession with Millennials won’t survive 2017. Say what?

Pell has coined a new term that she sees driving the emerging conversation: Perennials! Brilliant! We here at Spyglass think there is timely wisdom in her word(s)—and feel like we should send her some flowers!

So who are the Perennials?

“We are ever-blooming, relevant people of all ages who live in the present time, know what’s happening in the world, stay current with technology, and have friends of all ages. We get involved, stay curious, mentor others, and are passionate, compassionate, creative, confident, collaborative, global-minded risk takers who continue to push up against our growing edge and know how to hustle. We comprise an inclusive, enduring mind-set, not a divisive demographic.”

Think moms and daughters who go to the same yoga studio or your 70-something neighbor running into your 21 year-old son at the local brewery. You get the idea.

As you look beyond traditional lifecycle analyses and segmentation studies, start to take notice of the Perennials in your midst. You might even be one of them!