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A big shout-out to Rebiotix

Posted on 05.21.18 by Spyglass

When a company specializes in fecal transplants, it pays to have a sense of humor. Spyglass developed the “We’re #2” rally cry for the internal launch of the new brand.

Congrats to Lee Jones, Spyglass client and founder of a pioneering biotech startup that was recently acquired by a Swiss pharmaceuticals company. Lee came to us in 2012 with a company called MikrobEX and a vision of using microbes extracted from human stool to treat serious infections. We helped her define a new category called “Rebiotics,” renamed the company Rebiotix and positioned the company as the market leader in this emergent space.

“Spyglass gave us an aspirational vision and told us that the brand needed to stand for something,” explained Lee. “That was really important and the investment we made in brand positioning more than paid off.” We’ll share more about this exciting story in the next SpyTimes edition, but in the meantime we send our best wishes and congratulations to this inspiring woman and the Rebiotix team.