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Welcome to The Empathy Economy, Part 1

Posted on 10.18.18 by Spyglass

You’ve no doubt heard about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it’s radically transforming business and the world as we know it. But have you tuned into the complementary corollary of Emotional Intelligence — and the emergent value of “empathy”?

According to Business Insider, “Empathy is what most makes us human — the capacity for mutual understanding. As the Automation Age eliminates rote and some not-so-rote tasks, it will create an opportunity for humans to capitalize on empathy.”

So, what’s the promise of this shift for you and your business?

We’ll be diving in deeper in the months and issues ahead, but we’ll leave you with this intriguing article excerpt by Pedro Periera via Digitalist magazine:

“Today, the new breed of business is hinged on relevance and purpose—for customers, for companies themselves, for the world and community at large; and for the company’s purpose in the larger scheme of things. And this has led to a very interesting concept of the empathy economy. It is an economy that is human-centric, and values empathy, placing it at the core of all activities and business. It is an ethos that drives the pull strategy, by truly understanding and adapting to the needs of the customer.

How is an empathetic strategy different from personalization? Empathy strategy is more about a major shift in the mindset, focused on close learning from customers. Personalization on the other hand, is focused on selling more to customers.”

At Spyglass, we’ve been helping our clients apply this lens to their business with some inspiring and impressive results. Intrigued? Stay tuned for more. Meanwhile, we’d love to sit down and get empathetic with you.