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And the winner is…

Posted on 12.11.19 by Spyglass

While the Academy is getting ready to announce Oscar nominations, we have some news of our own to toast: Two International MarCom Awards, in fashionable Gold and Platinum, for our work with Lakewood Cemetery and The Disruptive Element. Here’s the scoop…

Lakewood Cemetery – Event Strategy 


Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis, has remained an iconic and respected institution for nearly 150 years — yet faces an urgent business challenge: More people are choosing cremation over burial and perceiving places like Lakewood as increasingly less relevant.

Spyglass helped Lakewood reaffirm the value of their role in modern life by strategically bringing new awareness to the organization through a variety of events, initiatives and media channels. A major focus was to develop and promote new events designed to make Lakewood more relevant, visible and accessible, and spark new conversations connected to death and dying.

We developed two new event approaches:  The Learn @ Lakewood Series which consists of educational events, including a Companions for the Transition panel featuring a variety of end-of-life professionals such as palliative care workers and death doulas; and the Lakewood Experience Series,  a collection of more personal and immersive offerings, including a Midsummer Memory Mandala event, a Meditation on death and dying; and a Winter Solstice Tea Ceremony & Grief Circle. Check the Lakewood website to learn more — and see what’s coming up!

“The degree to which you care about our success is palpable and inspiring.”
John Brooks, Chair, Board of Trustees 


The Disruptive Element – Strategic Rebrand

The Disruptive Element websites


This project was incredibly gratifying because it provided the client massive momentum and impact that could be both seen and felt.

The Disruptive Element is a leadership performance company that specializes in helping mid-sized companies and business units in large companies bring out the best in their people.

Their model revolves around a nucleus of neuroscience — because change is an inside job. Their whole-person approach creates new connections between thoughts and actions and new alignment between personal and professional growth.

TDE launched as a 2-person company in 2014 and has grown exponentially since then, so they came to Spyglass looking for ways to show up in the market differently, unify how they describe and sell the offering, and ultimately grow the business to become a national change-agent in the leadership performance space.

Spyglass helped TDE crystallize their vision, properly position themselves in the market, and brought the brand to life in a way that was uniquely TDE. They recently celebrated their 5 year anniversary, and feel ready to propel their business through the next 5 – we can’t wait to see what they can achieve!

“You helped us see who we are and the value we bring to the world.”
Paula Winkler, Partner and COO