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How can we contribute to the Circularity of Support?

Posted on 03.26.20 by Spyglass
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We’re all in a reactive mode right now, which is necessary and understandable. We are getting new information every hour as to how we are supposed to react and respond to COVID-19.

How we show up now matters more than ever. And whatever actions we take will ripple into the world. Which begs the questions many of us in a service business industry are asking: How can we step forward and best assist our clients? What does help even look like? What can we do that will really matter?

You are probably familiar with the concept of the Circular Economy, which is a closed-loop system that continually reuses and shares resources and eliminates waste for the benefit of all.

This got me thinking that we are in the midst of creating a new type of circular economy – but one of care and giving – a Circularity of Support, if you will. The idea of people putting “resources” into the economy – the contributions that we are all trying to make right now — and these gifts becoming part of the circular flow of help and encouragement that will benefit someone, somewhere. It is less about a reciprocal exchange and more an act of faith — trusting that our good deeds are meaningful and needed and will multiply.

At Spyglass we are working as a team to clarify what we can contribute. This week we started doing unasked-for “brandstorms” for the leaders we work with – giving them some thoughts and ideas that will help them think proactively about their brand and how to address some of the big questions they may be facing in the coming days, weeks and months.

Thinking about a brand may seem like a luxury when there are supply chains to restore, remote workers to equip and customers to console. But the fact is, it’s in times like this when a brand can actually provide some welcome support to lean into.

Right now, being reactive is appropriate. Yet at the same time, being generous and proactive could be the difference between thriving and just surviving – for all of us.

What have you been feeling or doing? How are you contributing to the Circularity of Support? I’d love to hear.

– Molly Rice, CEO