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Defining the CEO’s Narrative in the Age of AI

Posted on 05.23.23 by Spyglass

Over the past six months, we’ve been hit with tsunami-size waves of AI applications that are now accessible to all of us. This sets off what promises to be a big leap in how business is done for everyone, every single day. The reporting on these applications has also felt a bit overwhelming at times from fears that AI is taking over our lives and jobs, to the optimism that AI can elevate our work by providing more diverse insights into data, content, and creativity.

With all of this in mind, along with some delicious craft cocktails, Spyglass recently hosted I Spy AI, a CEO Roundtable with leaders from Big Blue Boxes, Concept, Echo360, Mindset Consulting, Scouts Talent, and Shift Paradigm, to focus on how companies and their brand narratives will need to shift in the age of generative AI.

There was a real sense of excitement and hope that AI can help to remove the obstacles in our daily work life, speed up the understanding and flow of information, and generate novel ideas to elevate our businesses. By allowing AI to perform these computational, summative, and iterative tasks we can then be freed up to think bigger and be more human in our work.

Our discussion included historical context on the rise of AI, what AI is today, and how to best think about AI to help create a brand narrative that is genuine, thoughtful, and inclusive. Below is a quick recap of the deck we presented.


It’s a Utility

Based on machine learning and large language models AI can take in and process large amounts of data and can help teams move faster and bring forward unexpected insights and solutions. 

  1. ​​Who’s it for? People focused on numbers and data sets
  2. What’s it for? Help them move faster to unlock diverse insights
  3. Challenges to leverage? AI expertise, data cleanliness and access, horsepower
  4. Narrative value? A powerful engine to help unlock our future


It’s a Teammate

AI serves as an invisible fellow employee who “rides along” with all of us throughout our workdays to help us recall what was said, actions that need to be taken, where a file is stored, etc. This AI teammate can potentially unlock humanity—and help remove frustrations, roadblocks, and bureaucracy—so we can be our best, most productive, and useful selves at work. See what Microsoft is planning for this.  

  1. Who’s it for? Knowledge workers 
  2. What’s it for? Help us collaborate better
  3. Challenges to leverage? Change culture + IT and HR implementation
  4. Narrative value? AI can help us be our best selves


It Unlocks Talent

This AI is for everyone. If you can type it, AI can help create it! Think ChatGPT and Midjourney. It’s here to help empower research, writing, idea generation, visualization, and design. 

  1. Who’s it for? All of us
  2. What’s it for? Expand our abilities to solve problems
  3. Challenges to leverage? Culture, law, habits
  4. Narrative value? Each of us has incredible capability to exploit


Start Small

We simply can’t hold back the future. The shift to AI is going to impact everyone so getting the team fluent in AI is paramount. Encourage your team to carve out 15 minutes a day to try out AI tools that are relevant to their jobs. Then challenge them to find a way to use AI to inform their work every day, and share back with the larger group. 


Want to go deeper, or have questions about how to address AI in your brand narrative? Even better! We’d be happy to connect and share what we know, and explore ways we can help.